Financial Security

We Help People Achieve Financial Stability

A good job benefits more than the job holder — it benefits his or her family, neighborhood and entire community.  When we're on solid financial ground, we're more likely to have access to good-quality heath care, provide a good education for our kids, and contribute to our local economy. That’s why Ada Regional United Way focuses on lasting income solutions (that go beyond charity) to help people build skills and education necessary to get, keep and advance in a good job. 

 At Ada Regional United Way, we are currently looking for new opportunities to partner together with other community organizations to help bring financial stability to more of our community. We know that to create the kind of impact we are looking for- that brings long term success and not just a temporary fix- it will take more than just us. It will take an entire community pulling together. We invite you to join us as we move toward a future with more financially stable families.

One of the first income solutions that we are offering is, which helps anyone earning $62,000 or less file taxes online for free. H&R Block partnered with United Way to launch My Free Taxes as a way to allow anyone earning under $62,000 a year to file their taxes online easily and for free. You can also use My Free Taxes to find a tax preperation checklist, tools, resources and even free tax filing in person available in your area.

The SunTrust Foundation partnered with United Way to launch, a free an easy online tool that can help anyone get their financial house in order. 

There are no sales pitches, or products found there - just information, quizzes and calculators to help you get smarter about your money. And, best of all, you'll feel confident knowing that you are gaining control of you finances. My Smart Money's vision is to help everyone, regardless of income level or circumstance, gain control of household finances.