Our Impact

Ada Regional United Way's story began in 1947 when it was created as the Ada Community Chest as one central place for fundraising and community advocacy. In 1984 the Ada Community Chest joined forces with United Way Worldwide.

Since 1887, the United Way has been a philanthropic leader, investing in individuals and strengthening communities with thought leadership and strategic, collaborative work on the ground. Ada Regional United Way goes beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change that lifts up the communities in which we serve. Our focus is on Health, Education, and Financial Stability - the building blocks for a good quality of life. Ada Regional United Way will always strive to live United and living United includes every person in the communities which we support.




We want to build strong families! We want children to have access to equal educational opportunities. We want to help people become independent!

We want our communities to know we care!

We know that we cannot make the kind of lasting change that we strive for alone. That is why we partner with local agencies and coalitions to create an exponentially larger impact in our community. See how you can get involved in a local coalition.