Leadership Circle

What is the Leadership Circle?

The Leadership Circle is a group of donors contributing a minimum amount of $250. A Leadership Circle brochure is created on an annual basis to thank those members who would like to be recognized for their level of giving. 

Become a member of the Leadership Circle

Bronze $250 - $499
Silver $500 - $999
Gold $1.000 - $2,499
Platinum $2,500 - $9,999
Alexis de Tocqueville Society Giving over $10,000 (With National United Way Recognition)

Tocqueville Society

The United Way Tocqueville Society, founded in 1984, is an opportunity for passionate individuals to become more deeply involved in the United Way’s mission. The Tocqueville Society annually recognizes local philanthropic leaders and volunteer champions who have devoted time, talent, and funds to create long-lasting changes by tackling our communities’ most serious issues.

To give you some background, the Tocqueville Society was named after Alexis Charles-Henri de Tocqueville who at the age of 26, traveled extensively, recording his observations of life. He only spent 9 months in North America, but during that time he derived many profound insights about American society. His observations, readings and discussions with eminent Americans formed the basis of his detailed study titled, Democracy in America, where he wrote: “I must say that I have seen Americans make a great deal of real sacrifices to the public welfare; and have noticed a hundred instances in which they hardly ever failed to lend a faithful support to one another."